About Us

Looking to achieve a highly acclaimed UK qualification to enhance your career opportunities. You have reached the right place and need to look no further.

Making a decision to study for an international qualification can be both an exciting and daunting experience. Our job at Education Direct is to make it less daunting and provide a holistic platform for you to gain all the knowledge and skill-sets required to follow your dreams in your chosen field.

We provide consultation to choose UK programmes, empowering and enabling you to reach your true potential and achieve your life goals. Whether you’re looking to advance your career to the next level or aiming to pursue a new stream of study, we are pleased to assist you.

We aim to have a one-to-one relationship with our students where you can address any concerns you may have during your study in the UK. We are delighted to assist you through your whole student journey. We are here to maximize your student experience, giving you a flavour of real-life business challenges that will help you tackle challenges in your future roles as managers, entrepreneurs or business leaders.

Get ready to hone your expertise and polish the skills you need to excel in all walks of life. Help us to help you achieve your dream career.


Our mission is to facilitate international educational experiences that provide opportunities for international study, research, or practical work experiences.


  • To help you achieve your career dreams and improve your quality of life by facilitating international qualification.
  • To enrich student experiences that promote leadership, critical thinking, intellectual growth, expertise and experiences for professional success, and to become responsible global citizenship.
  • To fill the skill gap to enable businesses to have expert staff at all levels
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